Friday, April 15, 2016

Lambertville and New Hope Revisited

Growing up, my obsession with early American history was stoked
in towns like Lambertville and New Hope.
I don't know where my patriotism came from, but it had a firm grip on me. 
I'd get a charge from being in places where GW and his scrappy army fought The British.
As I came to understand the ramifications of Watergate and Vietnam it tarnished.
But on those warm summer afternoons when we would go for for a Sunday drive after church
my patriotism was still intact.
Windows down, our bodies jostled in the back seat as the car traversed over bumpy back roads.
In the general store I was allowed to purchase candy sticks, cylindrical coils of root beer, butterscotch or peppermint.
I'd slide them into the back pocket of my jeans
 waiting until after dinner for the sugary sweetness to fill my mouth.

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