Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Go West Project - Vanina


Every five years or so,  I make the trek to Paris to see Vanina.
I have no good excuse as to why I wait so long between visits
since nothing compares to experiencing a foreign city
through the eyes of a local who happens to be a dear friend.

On the day of this photo it was a magnificent, sunny, 70 degree Sunday.
We walked without coats, talked and laughed until our feet hurt.
We ate lunch in the Marais, and dinner at a favorite Thai spot in Belleville.
It was an easy, joyful day
of aimless meandering,
and stream of consciousness ramblings.
It was my ideal kind of day,
suspended from having to take any type of action;
no errands, no work,
 no steps towards making my aspirations a reality.
I just had to hang out with my friend
as a perfect spring day unfolded in Paris.


1 comment:

  1. Honored to have such a lovely blog post! I loved your visit. Vxx