Monday, December 28, 2015

Behind the Unassuming facades of Merida

Our magnificent house inspired a leisurely morning around the kitchen table.
Conversations meandered.
We mastered the espresso machine, and grazed on papaya, eggs, and avocado.
In the late afternoon heat we ventured out to Coqui Coqui and Santa Lucia Square.  
Several times, Google maps lead us astray, but we didn't care.
A late lunch followed by a walk to an art gallery whose hours of operation had already passed.
We returned home wilted, but happy.
The plan was to unwind by the pool, go to the market and eat dinner at home.
That all changed when I got a text from John.
Lucky us, our rental house has come with an ambassador to Merida.
He invited us to a party in a home that was recently featured in Architectural Digest.
Without hesitation I replied, "We'd love to go."
He picked us up wearing a Moroccan Jellaba and matching midnight blue Babouche slippers.
The door to an unassuming late19th century house near the main square
opened to an expansive 5500 square foot residence.
The owners, decorators who own a store in LA,
successfully mixed Spanish Colonial splendor with whimsical International style.
The guests were as eclectic and inviting as the interior.
I chatted with a women who just closed on a house that afternoon.
In a year, when construction is completed, she and her husband will move there permanently
and sell their house in LA.
We later realized we're neighbors and I routinely hike by her house in Beachwood Canyon.
Under the rising moon, and Orion's belt the world felt both small and expansive.

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