Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Road Trip

Took the 101 up the coast,
early departure, but waylaid in Morro Bay with phone calls.
Soon, cell service would be spotty, at best, and wifi non existent.
Hopped out of the car to see the elephant seals molting,
then back on the winding road to Big Sur.
In the late afternoon sun, Pheiffer Beach was crowded but chilly,
strong winds sprayed the surf on children who were impervious to frigid water temps.
There's something about Big Sur that smacks me deep in the soul.
The bluffs jutting into the ocean.
The light cascading through through the dense woods.
The blurry line between sky and ocean.
The smell of eucalyptus.
Each visit stokes a strong desire to visit more frequently and to stay longer.

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