Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Ennis House

Winding up the road from Los Feliz Boulevard,
the Ennis House rises from the hillside like an ancient temple.
This sturdy concrete structure hunkers into the land like a spaceship.
Frank Lloyd Wright completed the house in 1924, and immediately considered it his favorite.
It was built for Charles Ennis, the owner of a downtown men's clothing store,
and Mayan art enthusiast.
Revered by architects,
it is arguably the best residential example of Mayan Revival architecture in the country.
This experimental concrete structure was significantly damaged in the '94 Northridge earthquake,
and was red tagged after torrential rains in '04.
In 20011, the house sold to billionaire Ron Burkle for less than 5 million dollars (!!!),
70% less than asking price.  Structural repairs were costly, but certainly a steal for one of the greatest houses in America.

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