Sunday, March 30, 2014


Ali McGraw on LOVE

"I've found that love resonates enormously differently with age.
 For many of us,
the young version is just the tip of the iceberg.
It's all wrapped up with heat and excitement,
and enough trashy literature and TV to completely shortchange
the bigger picture of what it means with time.
The definition for me has become the ability to be nonjudgmentally, compassionately, forgivingly connected to others.
It's like the great John Lennon song 'All You Need Is Love.'
Damn right.
To live in the possibility of behaving toward all living things
with love is going to determine our survival as a planet.
But let me be clear: The early version—the fall off a cliff,
what is he thinking, when is he going to call feeling—
is really fun.
Some of us never let go of wanting a hit of that.
Love is bigger than that, but it's not instead of that.
And it's a piece without which life is a little grayer."

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