Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Story in Pictures

Destination wedding photographer Jonas Peterson went to Bali to document the union of a couple that met in NY, but of a girl who grew up in Bali.  What unfolded was a three day event, too beautiful for words.

The first day the father of the bride took the guests on a wondrous hike, through rice paddies.  Lunch was by the river where many took a dip in the spring pouring over the cliff from the family residence.  Later that night, was the first celebration, an Indian ceremony followed by a raucous dance party.

Day two started early.  The bride's dress was made from fresh Jasmine flowers.  She walked with her father across the river on a bamboo bridge made for the occasion. The reception that night took place under a large Banyan tree.

Day three, the couple were blessed in a lavish local ceremony.  Five hundred locals feasted under the stars honoring their union.

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