Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've developed many television series during my career, but only a handful hold a special place.  The first one to leave a major imprint on my heart was a sitcom called Partners.  It was the result of my first development season as a newly minted senior executive in charge of comedy at Universal.  I remember receiving the first draft of the pilot.  I was battle weary after a long day, but I couldn't wait to read the script.  I drew a steaming bath, and settled in.  The hot temperature didn't stop me from getting goosebumps.  I immediately recognized how good it was -- the humor was smart, and the series had a strong point of view.  I was certain the network would agree.  A stellar cast, and a renown director were hired.  The pilot lead to a celebratory upfront in NY, and an expanding family of talented writers and guest cast were assembled to produce the series.  Every week, I looked forward to tape night, but as the season progressed it was evident we had a Must See TV series on the wrong network.  I literally got sick when we didn't get a second season renewal.  I was crushed to realize that sometimes doing your best isn't good enough.  It was my first heartbreak as an executive, my innocence shattered.

This past weekend the writers assembled for a reunion.  I was deeply touched to be included.  We toasted with the first harvest from one of the creators' vineyard making the evening even more special.  I will always be proud and grateful for this amazing experience and the relationships that were forged.


  1. The lesson learned about doing your best not mattering sadly has fit my decade in TV to a t. (or a TV). I know two of those writers (and one of the stars).

    And of course what you omitted was the occasion for the reunion, which I am guessing was the launch of a widely lambasted sitcom with the same name.

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