Sunday, July 2, 2017

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

After two planes, one taxi, two trains and several delays I arrived in vibrant Arles.
With no taxis in site, and eager to be at my destination,
I yanked my luggage down the cobble stoned promenade along the glittering Rhone.
I expected to be greeted with a gush of hot humid, July-in-the-South-of-France air,
but a cool dry wind welcomed me instead.
Lily, the delightful owner of the house we rented on AirBnb, met me
with an offering of fresh fruit, chilled water and wine.
The early evening sun was still high in the sky as I explored the town's narrow passageways.
Deep shadows were cut into Roman ruins and streetscapes made famous by Van Gogh.
Ah, a much needed vacation has arrived.
The pause button on my routine has been pressed.

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