Monday, May 15, 2017

Go To The Theater

In the midst of the current investigation into Trump and pals, this story was told.
A distraught Trump walked up to the picture of George Washington and said,
"George, father of our country, I am in such turmoil what should I do?"
and the picture spoke to him and said, don't lie to the people.
He was very upset by this and got his entourage together and went to the Jefferson Memorial
and said to the statue of Jefferson, "Thomas, great patriot, and author of the
Declaration of Independence, please tell me what to do?"
And the statue spoke and said go to the people and tell the truth.
Finally, he went to the Lincoln Memorial and said,
"Honest Abe, the great emancipator, I am in such turmoil,
what should I do?"
And the statue of Lincoln looked down at him and said,
Go to the theater.

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