Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Weekend, Another Protest

Just like my facebook feed,
the lines have blurred between my social life and political point of view.
There are no work meetings, dinner parties, or weekend activities
that do not include political discussion.
It is, in fact, the only topic of conversation.
Everything else seems trivial.
How quickly the singular subject matter in LA shifted from entertainment to government.
Trying to keep up with the news, the ramifications of each EO,
and implementing effective resistance is quite time consuming.
Plans were scrapped today for a drive to a LAX and an afternoon of protesting.
During he first ten minutes at the international terminal, I wept.
"Let them in"
Going to the airport is a haul, yet here I was
with 10,000 Los Angelenos fighting for detained travelers who held visas and green cards, who had been vetted,
but were being denied entry to our country.
Reality hit me hard.
What if this was my family, my grandparents, who abandoned their homeland
for the welcoming arms of the US, only to be slapped in the face after exiting the plane?
Recalling my grandfather's stories, long hours harvesting fertile Sicilian fields to earn enough money to come to America, I wept.
Truthfully, I don't recognize my country.
Of course, I'm for measures which protect us from terrorism,
but let's be clear, this is religious persecution.  
This extreme measure is not about protecting us from terrorists.
All day I kept thinking about Trump and Bannon's end game?
What do they want?
Challenging our judicial branch of government,
Gutting the State Department, 
Demoting the heads of Chief Joints of Staff, and National Security,
all point to a significant restructuring of our government
away from democracy,
and towards an authoritarian model.
I will continue to resist until I recognize my country again.

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