Saturday, March 12, 2016

Go West Project - George


"Bandanna or hat, bandanna or hat", 
George mumbled to himself as he took his fedora on and off in front of the mirror.
Why not both, he decided.
George prided himself on his sartorial style,
and was looking forward to the compliments he would receive for his black wing-tipped shoes,
a gift from his friend Helen.
They were her husband's, and of no use to her after he died.
Pants would hide the workmanship, the quality of the leather
so he paired them with shorts.
En route to the neighborhood coffee shop,
he spotted two roses on Crazy Haddie's lawn.
They looked like they were dipped in the same dye as his tee shirt.
Not one for editing his accessories, he had to have them.
Mindful of the thorns, he bent one stem, then the other,
 until they were free to accompany him on his Saturday morning outing.

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