Monday, October 26, 2015

90 Degrees and Sunny

How does one shift gears when the whisper of autumn is still just a tease?
The year is dangerously close to coming to an end and, yet it feels like July,
east coast, sticky July.
My sweaters are still neatly folded in boxes on shelves in the closet.
As the sun sets I have no need to wrap my limbs in tightly woven knits.
Hard to believe since I run cold and almost every season in LA requires a sweater.
An October weekend at the beach,
feet from the water's edge,
and still I was sleeveless.
Deep in my belly I yearn for change,
for the seasons to get on with it,
for my life to move forward.
And yet, why force the advancement of the unknown?
Why not stay in the moment, enjoy the heat and endless summer?
These are the thoughts that toggle in my brain
as I hike into the October sunset.

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