Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Trees Past

From the '70s to the '90s, Christmas trees from my childhood.
Every year my father complained about putting on the lights, it became a tradition.
In spite of this, decorating the tree was always a celebratory event. 
During the tinsel years my mother was the regulator.
 After tree trimming parties, she would inspect the tree,
and redistribute the ornamental strands.
In the '80s the tree moved from the family room to the living room.
Lights were consistently white,
and in the end tinsel was just a trend.

When I purchased my first home, and moved in during the month of December
I bought my first Christmas tree.
Without a collection of ornaments I strung cranberries,
and rescued a dozen golden bows destined for the trash 
from my office tree at Universal.

Over the years, my collection of ornaments has grown.  Comprised of family heirlooms, vintage balls from ebay, gifts from friends, and souvenirs from my travels, I look forward to the few weeks each year when they adorn an evergreen in my living room.

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