Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Age of Apple

Technology defines my lifetime in the same way machines, atoms and space travel defined others.  My generation is one of the last to grow up without instant information, communication and entertainment.  My life has been significantly altered, and enhanced by one man, Steve Jobs.  His vision, and user friendly applications brought technology out of the office and into every area of my life.  I was touched by his creations.  My iphone is with me at all times, and I rarely travel without my MacBook or ipad.  The ipod still blows me away.  All of my music in one tiny, transportable machine.  And the sound . . . amazing.  Steve Jobs' battle with cancer ended today.  In the face of death, his focus sharpened and his output the last few years,  prolific.  I'm grateful to have benefited from his brilliance, and saddened by his departure.  I wonder who will carry his torch.

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