Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've recently joined two photography groups -- The Superhero Photo six week course and The August Break blogging in photos instead of words challenge.  Both groups have photostreams on Flickr, a place I linger for inspiration and admiration, and post my daily pictures without judgement.  Cameras have become more and more prevalent since they double as phones and come with arresting apps.  As a result, everyday life, mundane and unimportant moments, are documented.  The resulting beauty is often surprising and makes me look twice at my surroundings as I did the other night when I shot the detritus in my tarnished silver votive.  Remnants of a dinner party, guests enjoying an after-dinner smoke on the patio lent itself to a surprisingly interesting photo.  Meals, gardens, children, and shorelines are popular images, but it's the unanticipated stack of plastic containers in a tool shed, or the light bouncing off the swings in a playground which give me pause, and motivation to pick up the camera again tomorrow in search of another subject.

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