Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The days are whizzing by as I prepare for my imminent departure.  Tying up loose ends while being in the moment is, admittedly, making me a little weary especially since I'm not interested in forgoing late night dinner parties or mid morning hikes.  I rationalize that I can sleep on the plane for the entire 18 hours if need be.  Regardless of how rested I am prior to taking off, jet lag will most certainly greet me when I arrive.  I'll be elated if it doesn't, but I'm not counting on it.

I'm embarking on this adventure during a time of transformation and change.  I'm ready to leap, take a chance, bet on stars.   At this particular time there's not a lot for me to do for this is the waiting stage.  I'm normally stalled by the wait, too distracted to focus on any one particular thing.  But this time is different, I've planned my adventure right smack in the middle of the pause.  Mentally I'm still planning, anticipating the journey that will occur when I return, but in the interim I have a big adventure ahead me.

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