Friday, February 11, 2011

The Power of the People

I have goosebumps watching the celebration in Tahrir Square on Al Jazeera English.  The people of Egypt wanted change.  They demanded it, peacefully mobilizing using modern technology and protesting for the end of an oppressive and brutal regime.  During the past eighteen days, The White House appeared caught off guard, the sentiment of official statements changed every few days signifying chaos behind the scenes in strategic cabinet meetings.  It was disheartening to watch the US tiptoe around the very freedom we cherish and spend trillions of dollars trying to enforce globally, all because we didn't want to upset our strongest ally in the Middle East.  Yes, politics is complicated and dirty, but I wish it wasn't so.  In the midst of so much war and terror it is refreshing to witness a dictator overthrown without tanks, guns or bloodshed.  The impossible is indeed possible.  Only time will tell the true impact of these events, but I'm a believer in democracy.  Authentic democracy.  Let freedom ring.


  1. "What a hoot" he kept saying. But now, sitting down after a relaxed Friday night's dinner, high on life and looking ahead and forward to;
    a full heart and belly, grooves streaming & remixed on the R-dub radio;
    dimming to low light and beginning to sink down into it; to cap the night...

    And then to recall that this day began in grand, historic fashion; so much that it transfixed the world.

    For some it was justice & jubilation. For him it was consternation but capitulation. A people's unification demands dedication to bring democratization to their forever changed new nation.

    Or was it just fate or Karma?

    To whatever path this day leads, it was refreshing and authentically rejuvenating. If only? If only unlike Santa Claus, this can come more than once this year.

    PJ Harvey interview. Love her.