Thursday, January 6, 2011


After two weeks in Paris and London where I joined locals and tourists in cues outside of resplendent museums in frigid temperatures to glimpse a Monet, Kersatz or Basquit I returned to LA.  I was greeted by glorious late afternoon sunshine which melted into a neon pink and orange sunset over a clear and distant sea.  And that is why I have spent almost two decades in this city chocked with traffic, void of monumental architecture and stimulating pedestrian life.  I need to see the sun glowing on the hills in the morning.  I need to feel its warmth on my face through out the day.  I've lived in NY and London so I know what I'm missing, but it's what I've gained in California that I can't live without.  At first the realization made me feel superficial.  I live in a city because it's sunny?  Yes.  The sun makes me feel alive, energized, connected.  The more I thought about it my response no longer seemed superficial, but spiritual.  Hmmmm.

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  1. I'm with you,MG! And the best part is we can go and get that pedestrian, cafe life + monumental architecture whenever we want it then come running back to our beloved sunshine.