Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Guru in Me

Yogi Cameron came into my life at the precise moment I needed him most.  I was presented with a particularly challenging situation, one that triggered my ego, subsequently clouding my ability to make a sound decision.  Through yoga, mediation, breath work and conversation I was able to detach and move in the right direction.  Although my weekly practice with Cameron began almost two years ago and lasted for only several months, he made a lasting imprint on my life.  He was integral during my initial transformation and helped me see the path beneath my feet.  I'm still evolving, finding my way, but it's clear I'm making choices that reflect my awakening.  Reading Cameron's recently published book, The Guru in You, I'm aware again of the perfect moment.  The following passage resonated deeply when I read it this morning, so I reread it several times. 
When we attach ourselves to something or someone, we begin to feel the desperation and fear associated with not possessing it or them.  We do things that hinder our growth and distract ourselves from knowing who we really are under the egos we have created and that we believe in so much.
I recognize myself in the above statement, identifying why I experience tension in certain aspects of my life.  I'm fascinated by this realization and eager to practice detachment.  Forever grateful, Cameron.

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  1. i like what you wrote. greetings from Bulgaria