Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Spent several hours yesterday and today on the phone with various airline representitives trying to reroute my return flight from Paris.  Two days before the new year my parents were in a car accident in New Jersey.  Upon impact from another car their airbags deployed.  They were jolted, but thankfully not crushed. Emergency rescue workers transported them from their totaled car to the hospital where my mother remained for two days with a fractured sternum and bruises.  My father, who suffered a sprained knee, was able to go home that afternoon which happened to be his 82nd birthday.  Clearly, not the celebration they had in mind.  Receiving this news via email while on holiday thousands of miles away was disconcerting.  While gazing at Gauguin's portraits of Tahitian women I distractedly checked my iphone for updates.  I gained some comfort several hours later when I spoke to my cousin who had been at my parents side in the hospital and relayed the positive report from the doctors.  On the precipice of a new year I was reminded how fragile life is, how moments can leave a lasting imprint, and how unprepared I am for the inevitable consequences of time.  When I finally spoke to my mother the first thing she asked was "will you fly through Newark and see me?"  I need to hug at least one of my children."  Her voice cracked, exposing fear.  I told her I would, not realizing the logistical difficulties and cost prohibitive nature of my request.  My concern for my parents' well being, turned into frustration and a restless night's sleep.   I had to call my parents today and tell them I would not be seeing them tomorrow night, but I would get there as soon as I could.  Although disappointed they lovingly understood and wished me a wonderful last day in Paris.  And thankfully that's exactly what I had.

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  1. Thinking good thoughts for you and your family.