Sunday, July 17, 2011


Truth be told, I tend to stay close to home, Carmageddon or not.  Sometimes schlepping cross town is  unavoidable, but this weekend, due to the closed 405, my plans were to stay local.  I was not alone.  Not surprisingly, it was a big deal for people to arrange their weekend around not driving far for dinner, errands or entertainment.  Ironically, for those on the road, traffic reports were the stuff Los Angeles dreams are made of.  Facebook status updates reported empty freeways, ideal for shooting a commercial or making it from the east to west side in record time.  Paradoxically, the only jam I encountered was winding towards my home in the hills.  I was stuck behind a tour van as it crawled up my street, stopping every few feet, to seemingly report some sordid Hollywood fact.  Remembering I had my camera, I took the pace in stride and focused on the morning light, snapping a few shots from my drivers side window along the way.

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