Monday, October 10, 2016

Rock The Vote

I believe in Santa Claus, democracy,
and using my vote to block Donald Trump from becoming our next President.
This election is scary on so many levels.
A man, professionally and emotionally unfit to hold to this high ranking position,
is threatening our freedom.  
Many question, "how did we get here?"
I believe this is a response to the last eight years,
not because the economy is down or The Presidency is corrupt, but because many people, 
the majority white men,
are afraid of the progress that has been made which will continue to cause their power to shrink.
How women can vote for this vile human being is beyond my comprehension.

In his Op-Ed piece Andrew Rosenthal said it best:

"On Sunday, Trump showed once again that this race is and has always been about his ego,
and about sexism, racism, isolationism, fear and anger.
It is about hating President Obama, mostly because he is African-American.
It is about the hard right trying to seize control of Washington
so it can roll back half a century of economic, racial and social progress."

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