Thursday, July 28, 2016


Hillary Rodham Clinton has more experience than any other Presidential nominee.
First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.
Yet her experience is viewed by many as a liability.
She's part of the establishment, and therefore won't bring about change.
It's hard for me to separate the criticism from her gender.
A man would not be denounced for his accomplishments.
The spin is to taint her performance.
Create scandal where there isn't any.
I wholeheartedly believe if her experience was lesser than,
she'd be condemned for not being up for the task.
One must have thick skin to shatter the glass ceiling.
She is slammer for that too.
  Is she perfect?
Is anyone?
Is she qualified?
Do I believe she wants to unite this country and aid it's growth, domestically and internationally?
I do.
Do I believe she wants to keep us safe.
I do.
Do I believe she has the diplomacy, and relationships to do so?
I do.
Would I feel this way even if her opponent was a mature, intellectual worthy candidate?
I would.
Go get 'em HRC.
Make history not because you're the  first female POTUS,
but because you're an exceptional one. 

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