Tuesday, September 20, 2011


On my way to a dinner party in my neighborhood, the sun, a perfect glowing orb, was sinking into the mountains.  On the side of the road, a photographer and his tripod awaited the perfect shot.  Yes, a wonderful photo op, if only I had my camera.  Winding through the mountain I realized I did indeed have my camera.  It was on the floor next to me.  I pulled to the side of the narrow, winding street exhibiting irritating tourist behavior and snapped a shot. 

The evening was as magical as the sunset.  The dinner party was in honor of a fascinating woman I had a met in Bangkok several months ago.  Our connection was immediate, the flow of conversation easy.  We never paused on the trivial, we went straight for the profound.  Our experiences could not be more dissimilar, yet we are kindred spirits.  These type of experiences give my life texture.  Accessing the human soul makes the world feel intimate and expansive at the same time.    In 48 hours she'll be back in Bangkok breathing air infused with sauteed ginger and steaming curry  and streets congested with motorbikes and cars.  I long to be back there.  Thus when my new friend asked when I'd be visiting again, I replied, "soon".

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