Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another Insanely Delicious Meal

Last night we had another insanely delicious meal in an art gallery/lounge recently turned restaurant called Chinese House.  The quality of food, experimentation with texture and spice was perfect.  The historical space, a combination of original Chinese architecture and French colonial style, was open and inviting.  The meal was a celebration of our time together, our adventurous journey, the many laughs along the way.  We toasted with champagne, and feasted on scallops, shrimp, and snapper.  We moved to a closed in porch facing the Tonle Sap River where after dinner drinks were sipped and coffee ice cream devoured.   Since our arrival in Southeast Asia no meal has disappointed our palates.  We're continually surprised and in awe of the culinary talent and artistry in this part of the world.

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